About Us

Archdale, North Carolina 27263

Our History

Daniel Austin Builders Inc. is owned and operated by Daniel Austin of Archdale, NC. Daniel has over twenty years of experience in the construction world doing everything from renovations to new homes to concrete work. Daniel began learning and working in the construction business as a teenager. He started out by working under his father in the residential construction business building houses. He then later transitioned into the commercial world to work as a superintendent for a concrete roofing company. After 11 years of working for this company, Daniel decided to pursue his dream and create his own construction company. Daniel is a hardworking and honest business man who knows how to help you create your dream home. Please contact us if you are interested in taking the next step towards making that dream home become your reality.

“If anyone needs any house work done, give these guys a call. They can pretty much do anything! They do a great job with excellent prices!

Justin Resor of High Point, NC

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